Main Commands
/menu Opens the game menu, which allows to save and loas positions
/cp Save position
/gc Load position
/stuck Cancel last save
/reset Reset the timer (allows you to take a weapon)
/respawn Reset the timer and respawn.
/start Move to start button
/pause Pause the game

Extra Commands
/spec Switch to the spectators
/ct Switch back to the CT
/invis Turn on/off water and players
/cam Choose camera view
/sc Shows shortcuts
/ip Shows server IP
/maps Listing all maps
/finished Maps you have been finished.
/unfinished Maps you have not finished yet.

Weapon Management
/weapons Weapon choose menu
/awp Gives AWP
/usp Gives knife + usp + c4
/scout Gives scout

Game Stats
/top Opens TOP15
/record Shows server record
/wr World Record
/ru Russian Record
/me Shows your stats on this map
/rank Shows your rank
/statsme Shows my information:
– visits
– finished | unfinished | records maplist
– other info
/users Shows user rating
/country Shows country popularity

LongJump stats
/ljtop Opens LJ TOP15
/ljsmenu Open the LJ configuration menu
/speed On/off display of speed player
/beam On/off showing the trajectory of the jump
/colorchat On/off display of color in the chat messages from other players